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3/17/06 12:02 am - prongslove - Ever Seen the Rain

Title: Ever Seen the Rain?
Author: Anna Zomgprongs
Pairings, etc: Sirius, Remus
Length: 1218 words
Rating: PG-13 maybe, but only for slash and brit cursing

Here comes that rainy day feeling againCollapse )

3/12/06 12:42 am - falcon_lw

Title: That Word

Genre: Romance/Fluff(ish)

Rating: T/PG13

Pairing: Draco/Harry

Spoilers: Up to OotP. AU after HBP.

Summary: Oneshot! With future sequel. For more than one person Hogwart's great celebration is not as entertaining as it should be. Wandering away from the party, Draco Malfoy bumps into someone he didn't expect to see.

Authors Note: The title is taken from a quote by Sophocles, `
One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love.` 

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine.  No profit is being made from this story.

11/22/04 02:08 pm - ___horrid - Mod post

Just a quick post to let you know I'm your new mod, ___horrid. Nothing interesting to know about me other than I am currently trying to think of ideas to drum up some activity here. If you have any thoughts, please comment -- I’d love to hear them.

I plan to start posting regular prompts and challenges soon, so any ideas for those would be most welcome too. But just to get things moving again before I post the first of these, I encourage you to:

1) Post links to your vanilla-y stuff, both recent and old.
2) Rec G – R rated slash fics (and art).

I am looking forward to seeing what gets posted. Just remember to follow the rules, which can be found in the user info.

10/12/04 07:28 pm - tasogare_n_hime - Response to challenge Sirius, Womping Willow

Here it is please let me know what you think. :)

Read more...Collapse )

10/11/04 10:42 pm - sarvihaara

Title: Don't Panic
Rating: PG
Pairings: James/Harry (Harry is 16/17)
Disclaimers: So not mine. Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling.
Warnings: incest, fluff
Author's Notes: Thankyou thankyou to wankstar for the rushed beta. Might fix it up more later. Written fairly quickly, and I don't like it much because it's fluff, but meh. Short, around 500 words.
Summary/Description: A lazy summer afternoon, and a slight hitch of faith.

Link: “We need to stop doing this,” James murmurs, as his hand slips under the hem of Harry’s t-shirt.

9/26/04 03:04 pm - gala_apples

Title: Nightmares.
Pairing: Ron/Fred/George (older then 16)
Rating: pg
Summary: ron pretends to have a nightmare, so he can be with his brothers.

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9/24/04 07:09 pm - noticeably - Recs List

Thanks to a suggestion from sstar_luna, I have decided that every Sunday a rec list of PG-13 rated and lower stories will be featured here to show that there are just as many good non-smutty stories as there are smutty stories.

So, anyone who has *any* recs is encouraged to send them my way by leaving the addresses here. :)

9/20/04 07:09 pm - gala_apples

the whomping willow thing.
dailynn said i didnt have to write sirius, thank you, my lovely mod

title: not normal
rating: pg
warnings:not spell checked becuase my parents wouldnt let me stay on the computer (damn arseholes)

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9/20/04 05:01 pm - salenritesne - Whomping Willow Challenge

Gah, I wrote the prompt. It's like, super short, but whatever. XD

Sirius; The Whomping WillowCollapse )

9/18/04 02:04 pm - noticeably - [MOD POST] Prompts?

I noticed we aren't being very active, so I was curious as to whether anyone would be interested in a weekly prompt? Each week you'll be given a prompt pertaining to a character, and you could write on it. It's just a nice way to get things going...and example would be:

Sirius; The Whomping Willow

Then everybody would write a drabble (or fic, if they like) incorporating those character and prompt together. When a week has passed one of the mods will post a new prompt and include a master-list off all drabbles/stories for the first one.

It's just an idea, of course...but would anybody be interested?
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