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Whomping Willow Challenge

Gah, I wrote the prompt. It's like, super short, but whatever. XD

He hated Snivellus.

Sirius had told Remus, but the tawny-haired boy had only rolled his eyes and told Sirius that hatred was a strong word, and that a more appropriate word would be 'dislike.'

Sirius had told James, but his partner in crime was too busy lusting after Lily Evans to give Sirius much more than a pat on the back and 'So do I, Padfoot!'

Sirius had told Peter, and that, ultimately, was what had given him his - what he had thought of at the time - most brilliant plan.

'Why do you hate him so much?'

Because when he's around James and Remus pay more attention to him.

Of course, he hadn't told Peter that. 'He's a dick, Wormtail! A slimey, evil bugger!'

'Then why don't you just get rid of him?'

Indeed, Peter.

Sirius of course, never told anyone that getting rid of Snivellus really had been his attention - as far as Remus and Harry knew, it was just a mistake on his part. They'd never know, either - the only other thing that would ever know was the Whomping Willow.

...gah, that was bad, wasn't it?
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Interesting, I like.
wasn't bad, not at all!
i thought it was loverly! (and creepy, but loverly nonetheless)