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the whomping willow thing.
dailynn said i didnt have to write sirius, thank you, my lovely mod

title: not normal
rating: pg
warnings:not spell checked becuase my parents wouldnt let me stay on the computer (damn arseholes)

Ron reckons he’s not normal. His smart arse brothers would say ‘whatever gave you that idea’ then smirk at him, so he doesn’t tell them. He doesn’t think, well actually he knows that won’t understand.

Because when his leg was snapped, and he was dragged into the Shrieking Shack, he was actually happy. Not because his leg was broken, he wasn’t a maschoist, he didn’t enjoy pain.

No, it was because Hermione had said they should go for help, and Harry refused to leave without him. It was like he truly cared about him. And having a guy friend be the thing that makes you the happiest you’ve ever been probably isn’t normal.

Another thing that he knows isn’t normal, is sometimes now, and a lot during the period when they weren’t talking in the fourth year, he goes out to the enterance. He stands by the whomping willow, and as he feels the branches cause breeze by his cheek, he thinks of the boy who lived, and how a better term for him might be the boy who ron thought he loved.
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