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[MOD POST] Prompts?

I noticed we aren't being very active, so I was curious as to whether anyone would be interested in a weekly prompt? Each week you'll be given a prompt pertaining to a character, and you could write on it. It's just a nice way to get things going...and example would be:

Sirius; The Whomping Willow

Then everybody would write a drabble (or fic, if they like) incorporating those character and prompt together. When a week has passed one of the mods will post a new prompt and include a master-list off all drabbles/stories for the first one.

It's just an idea, of course...but would anybody be interested?
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sounds good to me. Can we write this one or is it just for an example.
if you like, go for it XD
i love it, but i bow to your sirius. i can't write him as well as you can. can it be just someone, and the whomping willow? or should i fake a sirius, and write. i'll write any challenge, i just don't want to dissapoint you with my sirius, compared to yours.
*gazes in awe at dailynn's in charecter sirius*
Lol, any character is fine ^_^ You won't disappoint me!