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Response to challenge Sirius, Womping Willow

Here it is please let me know what you think. :)

Sirius supposed that he had expected to be forgiven right away, and
was surprised when Remus, James and Peter just out right refused to
speak to him. So he waited, and when that didn't work he finally
tried apologizing. When that didn't work, it turned into begging for
forgiveness, which was then met with stern silence or, in some cases a
black eye or bloody nose (courtesy of James - although Potter never
got away unscathed either). Finally, it became letters left in places
only Remus would find them. Sirius knew this didn't work, as the
letters usually found their way back to Sirius's bed in many small
peices - he really had no idea whether they were actually being read
or not.

So after months of suffering the above punishment, Sirius was now
siting on the steps to the entrance hall, waiting for the carriage
that would take him to the station in Hogsmeade. He had decided the
only feasible course of action was to transfer to another school. His
mother, of course, had decided on Durmstrang upon learning of his
plan, (Though she had no idea of the reason for his sudden change),
and Sirius - feeling he had no choice - had given in. However, he was
still giving everything one last chance - he had left a note for
Remus, and if Remus found it and asked him to stay, he would. Sirius
was running out of time though, the carriage would be ready soon (it
probably would have been ready long ago, but Hagrid was stalling in
hopes that Sirius would change his mind.)

Sirius sighed, part of him knew leaving was taking the cowards way
out - but what did everyone expect him to do? He had tried everything
he could think of to show Remus how sorry he was, and nothing had
gotten any results at all, except for the few that just seemed to make
him even angrier.

When the carriage finally pulled up to the castle Sirius looked back
up the steps sadly one last time as he grabbed his trunk. Professor
Dumbledore was walking down the stairs toward him, most likely for one
last attempt at getting him to stay. It was no use though, if Remus
didn't want him around then there was no point in being at Hogwarts.
The Headmaster had almost reached Sirius when a back blur moved past
with a speed that would have put a snitch to shame, almost knocking
the old man off his feet. Sirius blinked stupidly as Severus Snape
grabbed the other end of his trunk and pulled it out of his grasp and
away from the carriage.

"What the bloody HELL do you think your doing, Black?"

"Leaving! Like it's any of your business! Give me back my trunk Snivellus!"


"That is none of your concern! Now shove off!"

Ignoring Sirius, Severus instead sat on the top of the trunk. "It's
because of you little boyfriend isn't it?

He won't let you near him anymore and your going run off in a fit so
he feels bad."

Sirius blushed furiously "S-shut UP! Why do you care if I leave anyway!"

"I...I don't!" Now Severus was blushing as well, and Sirius blinked at
him, sitting down on his trunk beside the Slytherin.

"You don't want me to leave, do you?" Sirius said – it was a
statement, not a question. Severus was about to protest when Sirius
caught his chin and turned his head to look at him. He stared into
Severus' eyes for what seemed like forever. "Tell me not to go, and
I'll stay."
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