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9/16/04 11:25 am - salenritesne - The Full Moon

Title: The Full Moon
Rating: G
Words: 108
Pairings: Sirius/Harry, implied Sirius/Remus
Author's Notes: I wrote this because noticeably asked me to write her a drabble she could remix - this is it. I'm just waiting to see what sort of twist Dai-chan puts on it...-_-
Summary/Description: Harry always gets what he wants.

Sirius hated the full moon.Collapse )

9/15/04 05:43 pm - gala_apples

Title: 15 minutes of fame
Rating: pg
Pairings: sorta-kinda justin/harry, but not really.
Author's Notes: i blame 15minutefics. i opened challenge 56, and it said noisy. so, i made justin noisy.
Summary/Description: justin has wanted another 15 minutes of fame since second year.

oh, second author's notes. *brief pimpage of self* if anyone wants to go to my journal, and comment on the sept 15 entry, i shall write you a challenge.

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9/13/04 03:48 pm - noticeably - The Best Shade of Red

Well, I wrote this for the hd_fqf, and it borders on a PG-13/R rating, so I couldn't resist posting it here...enjoy (hopefully). XD

Title: The Best Shade of Red
Rating: PG-13, R – it really depends on what you consider inappropriate.
Author: noticeably
Summary: The boys decided to paint their new apartment on their own, the muggle way. Draco remembers the good times as he repaints their bedroom. Insanity isn’t always a bad thing.
Notes: Written for the Harry/Draco Fuh-Q-Fest (hd_fqf), challenge #34 – the painting challenge.
Warnings: Slash. Inappropriate uses of blood, angst, and character death. If this squicks you or offends you, don't read it!
Word Count: 1,776

The Best Shade of Red

9/12/04 05:12 pm - strawberry_chik - Help with R

Hello guys!!! Just joined!
I don't have a proper fic (meaning "R") to post ye, I've only written some fics so far and they're NC-17. But I'm excited to try and write a different rating fic. I need a bit of help, though. I'm not sure I know exactly what to write in a R fic, when it comes to characters having sex. What words are safe? How far can I go as detail is concerned?
I'd be grateful if anyone could point me to a tutorial or a post someone already made about this, or maybe anyone here in this comm could be so kind (and have the time, I know!!!sorry!) to reply?
I just want to be sure I use my rating to the fullest, you know, without breaking into NC-17 territory.
Any thoughts?

9/12/04 10:06 am - noticeably - No Such Thing as Happily Ever After

Title: No Such Thing As Happily Ever After
Rating: PG-13
Time: Erm...yeah.
Wordcount: 1,268
Pairings/Characters: Sirius, Remus, Peter, Harry; minor Sirius/Remus
Summary: Remus learns that there's no such thing as happily ever after.
Author's Notes: I'm not actually sure if this counts as 'Marauder Era'...I always used to count the Marauder Era as up through Lily and James death, since that's when everything changed. Well, anyway...*shrugs* this includes baby!Harry, godfather!Sirius, traitor!Peter, and bitter!Remus (at the very end)

No Such Thing As Happily Ever AfterCollapse )

9/11/04 09:01 pm - gala_apples

Title: why Ron is a god among mortals.
Rating: pg13
Pairing: Neville/Ron
Author's Notes: illudes to wanking, but nothing graphic. i used !'s when i didn't have to, because i thought it seemed right. like when people say Cute!Harry. you don't have to, but you want to.
Summary: Ron is the only one that can make Neville stop snoring.

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9/11/04 11:52 am - noticeably - Thriller

Title: Thriller
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sirius/Harry
Length: 222
Notes: Sal is a fan of Micheal Jackson's music, so she requested Sirius/Harry, humor, Thriller. I - who I add hates Wacko Jacko - couldn't resist. This contains JackoFan!Sirius and AntiJacko!Harry...enjoy. ^_^;

This only contains dialogue, and the lyrics for Thriller were found here.

Harry looked at Sirius in shock.Collapse )

9/10/04 11:26 pm - gala_apples

this is an incest posting, but fred and george are 18, and ron is 16.

title: 6 am.
rating: pg
pairing: Fred/George
A.N. mods- does vanilla and pg just refer to the sexual connotations, or does it include language? i took out my swears, just in case. if you want to review, could you tell me?
word count: about 500.
summary: Ron wakes up in the middle of the night, (or at least what he considers the middle of the night) and looks in at the siblings still living in the house.

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9/10/04 11:58 pm - noticeably

Welcome to hpvanilla_slash. Firstly, I would like to point out there is no affiliation between this community and vanilla_charm. We are different groups, different owners, and the only thing in common (or not, depending on how you look at it) is that vanilla_charm does not allow slash, which made me decide to start this group.

Here at hpvanilla_slash we want to focus on the 'lighter' side of the Harry Potter Slash Fandom. You will not find any non-con, smutty, or very violent stories here. We understand that not everyone enjoys smut, and not everyone enjoys vanilla. For those who don't like vanilla, I suggest you move on to groups like pervy_werewolf, sirry_slash, pornish_pixies, wolf_dog_snake, and regulus_centric - just a few of the many communities that allow smut.

If you prefer vanilla - or you write/read both - then feel free to watch this community, or join and post your work. The only thing we ask (demand, really), is that the seven rules in the user-info are always followed. That's it. If you follow them, you'll have fun here, if not, your stupidity will gain you eternal fame on the blacklist.

Finally, this community is not here to demote smut (because almost everyone loves it), but merely to promote vanilla stories, which - in a fandom overrun by smut - tend to be overlooked.

So, have fun :)

- noticeably and salenritesne, mods.
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